Shop Update April 2020: Lockdown

We’re in lockdown but still working… If you need cables made up or help with setting up a home studio, email and I’ll help if I can

I’ve taken the opportunity to get up-to-date with a bunch of gear that’s been in my prep queue for some time. Recently-finished compressors include:

  • UREI LA4 stereo pair, set #20 – a really tidy pair of LA4s in the original rackmount, refurbished, recapped, new cables, etc, etc
  • UREI LA4 – two mono units, can be sold as a pair with rack kit, priced individually
  • UREI 7110 stereo pair, set #21– new arrivals from the USA, recapped & switched to 220 Volt. These are under-appreciated compressors!
  • UREI 7110 single, recapped
  • dbx 163X stereo pair, set #22 – nice pair of 163Xs, sequential serial numbers, recapped & modified. I love the way these sound when recapped
  • dbx 160X stereo pair, set #18 – I have three sets packed & ready
  • dbx 160XT stereo pair, set #14 – I have a pair ready to ship with stereo link cable
  • Inovonics 201 – recapped, refurbished, switched to 220 Volt. Legendary USA-made compressor / limiter with an awesome sound

I haven’t forgotten the EQs:

Shop update January 2020: Keyboards

I have a few new items in stock or arriving soon:

Moog Sub Phatty


Novation Circuit with custom UDG case

Waldorf Blofeld

Doepfer MS-404

Yamaha TX816

Waldorf Streichfett Synth

Shop Update January 2020: dbx stereo compressor pairs

We’ve been working through our stock of dbx compressors, refurbishing them and assembling stereo pairs. These have been tested, cases repainted, metering aligned and knobs & switches replaced as necessary, and they’ve been checked to verify a decent stereo match even when not using a stereo link cable. We have the following stereo pairs packed & ready to ship:

dbx 160A

dbx 160X

dbx 160XT

dbx 163X

Shop update November 2019: Equalisers

Late 2019 round-up of equalisers, filters & etc. I’ll have an update on some of the more off-the-wall items – like the Realistic inductor stereo equaliser – soon


Filters, Dolby, Vitalizers, etc

Shop Update January 2018

Here’s to a successful New Year!

Incoming 2018:

* Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X (pair)
* Empirical Labs Fatso EL7X (stereo)
* MXR Dual Limiter (stereo)
* dbx 160XT (pair) with sequential serial numbers, mint
* dbx 160A (pair) with sequential serial numbers, excellent
* dbx 160X (pair) with output transformers, excellent
* dbx 163X (pair) modified, recapped, rebuilt power supply
* NTP 179-500 Limiters (pair) in NTP 1U rack
* Aphex Dominator cards (pair) for dbx rack, NOS (New Old Stock)
* Valley People Dynamite (stereo) original version in 1U rack, recapped, rebuilt PSU
* SPL Transient Designer (2-channel)
* SPL Transient Designer (4-channel) with XLRs

* UREI 546 Stereo Parametric Equaliser
* UREI 530 Stereo Graphic Equaliser, rebuilt, new slider pots
* UREI 535 Stereo Graphic Equaliser, rebuilt, new slider pots
* White 4100A Stereo 10-Band Equaliser, inductor EQ
* White 4000 Stereo 10-Band Equaliser, inductor EQ



Shop Update June 2017


On sale now:

In the workshop:

Shop Update May 2017

New arrivals tested, modified, packed & ready to ship:

In the workshop:

Long-term projects

Shop Update March 2017

New arrivals tested, modified, packed & ready to ship:

In the workshop:

Long-term projects