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On the face of it, the equaliser is one of the simplest audio tools. Boost or cut a frequency band and job done. On that basis, any competently-designed equaliser will do the job. So why are there so many equalisers?

The earliest equalisers were designed to flatten the frequency response of fixed telephone lines. They were typically an LC (Inductor / Capacitor) equaliser followed by a valve gain make-up stage

Cost is a big factor. Cheap EQs can work well but are likely to be limited in flexibility and precision. They are also unlikely to be easy & enjoyable to work with

At the other end of the scale, high-end equalisers like the GML 8200 and Massive Passive offer great flexibility, accuracy & repeatability – at a price

The middle ground is where the price / performance ratio works best.


Equaliser Top Ten

  1. GML 8200
  2. Pultec EQP-1A
  3. Klein & Hummel UE400
  4. Neve 8108 console EQ
  5. Massive Passive
  6. TC Electronic 2240
  7. Orban 622b

Honourable mentions

  • Any Neve equaliser (1073, 1081, etc)
  • Amek Angela console EQ
  • APSI 559

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