Aphex Expressor Mono Compressor


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This is a rare 1U mono compressor from Aphex. The Expressor was from the era of the Dominator & Compellor levelling compressors but was a single-channel unit more aimed at recording studios than broadcasters.  Using the knowledge of psychoacoustics and signal processing gained in previous products, the Expressor uses similar technology to create a compressor with a flexible sidechain and built-in HFX high-frequency expansion

The sidechain offers a a low cut filter to reduce pumping of the signal by the low frequency content, a hard / soft knee switch and a slave function for stereo linking.  Two Expressors can be linked using a jack-to-jack cable.  The sidechain send & return are on jack sockets as well.  The HFX system gives high-frequency expansion to reduce dullness when using large amounts of compression and the amount & frequency of the expansion are adjustable

These Aphex products were built to an extremely high standard with substantial aluminium front panels and steel cases plus high-quality electronics.  This was a reflection of their broadcast heritage – and their high purchase price!

I have two Expressors available (see photos) and this auction is for one unit

Inputs & outputs are on XLR connectors with jack sockets for the sidechain.  Operating level is +4 dBu.  The Expressor has a fixed mains lead  
Standard 1U rackmount unit
In really excellent condition with just a tiny bit of rack rash. Some case scratches which won't be seen when racked