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The Korg M3R is a 1U rack keyboard module version of the M1 keyboard. Like the M1 and M3 keyboards, it uses AI Synthesis, but has a different patch structure. Korg released a series of expansion cards (see link below) which contained PCM sound samples & patch information on separate cards. The PCM cards are compatible with both M1 and M3 but patch data is for the M3 and M3R only

The M3R is what is now known as a ROMpler – a synth that plays back samples held in memory with filters, ADSR envelopes & modulation to modify the sounds. Rather than using oscillators for the basic sounds, as analogue synthesisers do, it uses what Korg calls Multisounds – digitally-captured complex waveforms & samples

It’s a 16-voice synth and will give 16-note polyphony on single-oscillator sounds. Presets with stacked oscillators for thicker sounds have reduced polyphony. The unit has 90 Multisounds and 45 Drum Sounds. The M3R was one of the early modules to have digital effects including chorus, reverb and rotary speaker effects

“The Korgs sound totally different to the Rolands, it’s worth having both as a contrast”

The M3R is a single-space rack unit with a front-panel headphone socket. The back panel has four outputs on jack sockets plus Midi In / Out / Thru jacks and a socket for the Korg RE-1 Remote Editor. It has a fixed mains lead with new UK mains plug

1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. 240 Volt, fixed 2-core mains lead with new UK plug

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