Shure FP11 Mic Preamp / Limiter


Compact, battery-powered preamp from Shure. The FP11 is a single-channel preamp with up to 84 dB gain switched in 6 dB steps. Like the Shure M267 preamp they have a switchable opto limiter in the output section which can be overdriven to produce compression & distortion

These Shure preamps will be refurbished & recapped in our workshops

Battery-powered mic preamp with up to 84 dB gain. Powered by an internal 9 Volt PP9 battery or external DC. Switchable opto limiter operating on the output. Belt clip for ENG / portable use

81 x 150 x 66 mm

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In good used condition with some marks & battle scars. Tested & working 100%. Refurbished & recapped in our workshops. Photos show one of the FP11s for sale - they are all in similar condition