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The M267 is part of a dynasty of Shure preamps which have been used in the USA & round the world for forty-odd years. They’re definitely not audiophile units, but utilitarian devices for small-scale PA & location recording uses. Their appeal for recording lies in the transformer inputs

The M267 has transformer-balanced inputs and outputs, low-cut filters on the inputs , a VU meter and a headphone output. It also has a built-in line up oscillator, switchable phantom power and three power sources (DC, battery or AC)

“I have an M67 and an M267. Both are great color boxes and can make some really nice recordings”

“Whether being hardware or software, what’s your current go-to device to foul all kind of sound sources up beyond all repair?

“-Shure M267 microphone mixer. Has transformer love in and out.”

The M267 is in a small, portable steel case with XLR inputs & outputs on the rear and controls on the front. There's also a battery compartment on the underside and a preset pot to set the limiter threshold. That's about as inconvenient as it could be, so a good mod might be to lose the front-panel headphone pot and use it for limiter threshold

Front panel has 4 channel level controls & lo-cut switches. Filter frequency is 120 Hz approx and response is 10 db down at 50 Hz. Input 1 has an oscillator switch providing a 1 kHz tone for gain staging & alignment purposes

The front panel also has a power on / off switch, battery check momentary switch, limiter in / out switch and a headphone socket with headphone level control

Back panel has ins & outs plus mic / line switches for inputs and output. The mic level output allows the M267 to be daisy-chained with other mic mixers if required. There's a global phantom power on / off switch and phantom is 30 Volts. There are two terminal posts to connect an external DC power supply. Finally there is a VU meter sensitivity switch and a mix bus connector to link to another M267 or compatible device

Mains input is 220 Volts with a fixed 3-core cable with UK power plug. Power can also be supplied by three 9 Volt batteries in the battery compartment or by a DC source (27 V DC nominal)

Supplied with the rare, removable 2U rack mounting panel

Freestanding unit. Dimensions are 22 x 29 x 6

User Guide

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Tested. Works fine & passes audio OK. Limiter section not working / distorting. Works fine without compressor. Not supplied with rackmount panel

Photos do not show the item for sale - they show a compressor sold previously

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