dbx 266XL Compressor


dbx 266XL Stereo Compressor / Gate with XLRs, 1U rackmount

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1U stereo compressor / gate by dbx. This is a popular device from dbx with an expander / gate and a full-featured compressor. Attack Time, Release and Ratio are all adjustable and there’s an “Over Easy” button to mimic the classic 163X compressor. The 266XL has a well laid-out front panel with legible writing and a logical layout so it’s quick to use & easy to setup. Metering is via LEDs

dbx has been making compressors a long time and the 266XL is a great, cost-effective way to get that punchy dbx sound

I know a lot of engineers who love the dbx sound for treating bass guitars, and the 266XL doesn’t disappoint in that area. It is also effective on individual drum sounds, though when you’re processing a whole kit there’s a tendency for the compressor to pump noticeably. Of course, pumping is a characteristic of many vintage rock and pop records, so it may be that this effect is exactly what you want


Balanced inputs, outputs and inserts are on XLR connectors and jack sockets. Operating level is switchable between +4 and -10 dBu by means of back-panel switches so you can establish the operating level you require for your setup


In excellent condition – the front panel is unmarked apart from the tiniest bit of rack rash. The case has scratches which won’t be seen when racked. I have three compressors in similar, excellent condition – the photos are of a representative example. Check my feedback for previous sales

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Owners manual

Sound on Sound review

Fitment / Dimensions

Standard 19″ 1U device suitable for all 19″ racks. 220-240 Volt & standard IEC mains socket. Mains cable not supplied but I am happy to include one on request


Excellent, used condition. Front panel almost unmarked