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Single-channel compressor from Gregory Scott’s Kush Audio company. The Tweaker approaches the subject of compression on pure sonic terms, not as an exercise of setting attack & release times. It’s as much a colouration device as a compressor – I suspect it builds on knowledge gained when Gregory modified the Empirical Labs Fatso to produce the UBK Fatso edition

It takes time to get to grips with the Tweaker and results are not instant. Like the Fatso, there’s no concept of “too much” – just tweak away till you hear the sound you like, then hit the bypass button to hear the difference

Often the sound you like is over the top, but doesn’t respond well to being backed down. The Mix control allows a blend of dry & effect signal (aka parallel compression) that puts you exactly where you want to be

It took me a little time to warm to the Tweaker but now I am a convert. It joins the Fatso in my (very) short list of essential outboard

The Tweaker is well-explained in the demo video below

Tweaker – Sidechain Shaping Compressor

Sound on Sound review


Kush Audio UBK Tweaker https://thehouseofkush.com/products/tweaker Sound on Sound review https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/kush-audio-ubk-tweaker
In excellent used condition, almost unmarked. Photos show a Tweaker sold previously