Valley People Dynamite Stereo Compressor / Limiter / Expander (Refurbished & Recapped)


This Dynamite is being refurbished. Photos and updated details to follow

This Dynamite has been refurbished as follows:

  • new, higher-capacity power transformer
  • new rectifier diodes
  • new smoothing capacitors
  • power supply upgrade with bigger reservoir caps and better decoupling
  • local smoothing caps added to both audio boards
  • replacement of all electrolytic capacitors with high-quality upgraded Panasonic caps
  • replacement of electrolytic caps in the audio path with Panasonic bipolar caps
  • replacement of all decoupling caps

The Dynamite was designed by Paul Buff, founder of Valley People. It uses the Valley People TA-101 VCA as the active gain element. The Dynamite is legendary for its savage compression and fidelity

This is one of the original two-channel Dynamites in a beige plastic case. The channels are stacked one on top of each other and the power supply is built-in. This example is in lovely condition and has all the original knobs & switches. The case is in equally good condition and the compressor card front & back panels are perfect. The power supply back panel has a broken corner (see photos) but this doesn’t affect operation in any way. The plastic panels are quite fragile and this one has survived the last forty years very well!

The Dynamite was also available in a black & silver 1U rack case with black knobs. These are quite rare

The later Dynamite models had a very different style with one-piece front panels in a more generic style

Full description to follow

VCA-based compressor designed by Paul Buff.

Free-standing, not rack mounting


Refurbished & recapped. Excellent physical condition in original case with original knobs & buttons. Cracked & repaired rear panel