Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal


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I’ve always been a fan of chorus pedals – there’s something very direct about a pedal, a lack of subtlety that works like a charm when mixing. Used on a send, or inserted into a channel, a chorus pedal can give a real sense of movement & width to an otherwise-boring signal. Studio effects are usually quite subtle, but a pedal is much more raw and exciting. I will have a selection of chorus pedals in the next few months, all useful for live work, recording or mixing

Electro-Harmonix starts with a huge advantage in the effects pedal market by virtue of their long history of great pedals. Their Electric Mistress flanger was the first stomp box flanger and it’s back in production today. Other EHX classics include the Big Muff, as used by Jimi Hendrix, Memory Man, Polychorus, Black Finger and the Small Clone, famously used by Kurt Cobain

The Small Stone has one input & output, so it’s a mono-only affair. One way to get a “stereo” signal would be to pan the original signal to one side and pan the effect to the other. Or insert it into a channel to give a deep chorus on keyboards, guitar or other signal. Front panel controls are limited to a Depth switch and Rate control

“This is a very beautiful analog chorus. Just turn the dial and flip the switch and you’re off. As far as effects go, analog makes a huge difference. If you’re used to digital chorus, phaser, etc., it’s like night and day. Plus it’s got the classic EHX chassis mojo goin’ on”

“This stompbox is ridiculously easy. The only thing on it is a rate dial and a depth switch, but you can get an amazing variety of sounds out of it. It adds sparkle to anything clean, thickens distortion, and lead lines shine through”

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Input & output are on mono jack sockets. Power is from an internal 9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply with a standard psu connector. High input impedance so suitable for use with guitars & basses. The Small Stone is in the traditional Electro Harmonix metal box, not a diecast box like most effects pedals
Stomp Box. 9 Volt battery or external 9 VDC power supply (neither supplied). I have 9 Volt power supplies in my eBay Store
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In very good condition for a used stomp box. It clearly hasn't been gigged and there is no velcro on the base