Vesta Fire FS-010 Chorus #1


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Rare Japanese analog flanger based on bucket brigade devices (BBD). The FS-010 has two delay / flanger paths for stereo flanging. Each channel has separate feedback, width and delay time controls and there’s a common LFO to sweep the flange

Two paths means deeper flanging & chorusing effects can be created, or the two channels set differently to get extreme stereo effects with lots of pitch-changing & feedback

This is the only flanger / chorus unit I’ve seen so far that has two sets of independent controls

In really good condition for a vintage unit. All original pots, knobs & switches. Converted to 220 Volt for use in UK / EU, fitted with a new UK power plug. EU plug on request

Photos show the unit for sale

In excellent, used condition, All original knobs & switches. A vintage survivor! Tested & working 100%. Photos show the unit for sale