Electrix Tweaker MIDI Performance Controller


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Midi controller aimed at DJs and Ableton users, but confugurable for any midi setup. The Tweaker packs a host of midi controllers into a neat desktop unit. It’s class compliant so it doesn’t require software drivers to be installed before use – just hook up a USB cable and your computer will recognise it

Supplied with transparent overlays for Ableton & Traktor (see photos). Info & downloads are on the Elektrix website – see the Links tab for details

Supplied with a set of short legs to raise the control surface when using it with turntables & CD DJ units

“The controls are pretty straightforward. There are 6 endless push encoders with a 14 LED ring, 2 absolute encoders, a large endless push encoder, two pitch style faders, and (shockingly) a cross fader. There’s a standardized browsing section, 8 large velocity sensitive pads, a 32 square buttons in an 8×4 grid and 6 utility buttons on the channel strips (3 on each side). Every button is RGB, but no the pads. This is a MIDI programmers wet dream right here.”

“So one of my favorite parts of this controller is being able to use both MIDI and the Tweaker Editor to change the way the controls interact with software”

“If you enjoy modality and like being able to take control of your hardware for your own workflow, this is perfect. If you want a DJ controller for Ableton that works out of the box with more control than a Launchpad but smaller (and better organized) than an APC40, this is perfect. If you want to learn more about MIDI and how to control controllers, this is perfect. If you want a standard two deck mixing solution that does exactly what it says and nothing more, you should look elsewhere”

“Perhaps the only other controller that comes close to the Tweaker, in terms of flexibility, is the Control R from Livid Instruments. As it turns out, Livid had a hand in designing and developing the Tweaker, and their involvement is acknowledged on the casing of the unit itself…”

“f you want a flexible controller that’s easy to use but has the depth to map it to your exact preferences then the Tweaker might just be for you”

“The Tweaker is class-compliant and MIDI-capable so it can be used with DJ software, DAWs, VJ and video performance software, or anything else that will accept MIDI input. The Tweaker is entirely customizable and can be programmed to do whatever you want it to do with the included editor software, and it comes ready for use with Ableton Live, Serato, and Traktor right out of the box; Traktor and Ableton also get their own plastic overlays indicating what each button does”


Midi-powered class-compliant interface with overlays for Ableton and Traktor

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In excellent used condition, tested & working 100%. Boxed, no software or cables. Photos show the Tweaker for sale