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This is the Rack Mount Edition (RME) of the Moog Voyager synthesiser, Bob Moog’s modern reinterpretation of the Minimoog Model D. The Voyager is a truly modern synth with recallable memories, illuminated pushbuttons & controls and full Midi implementation, but it maintains the architecture and full sound of the Minimoog and the CV & gate jacks to connect to modular systems

The Rack Mount Edition can be controlled completely through MIDI. All front panel controls transmit and receive MIDI Continuous Controller messages

If you’re used to thinking that Moog only offers “that” sound from the old progressive rock records, you’re in for a big surprise when you first lay your hands on the Voyager RME

First of all, Voyager RME offers dual filters. The second thing that separates the Voyager RME from its little brothers are the extensive modulation options”

“From basses that take you all the way down to 20 Hz to leads that cut through an entire mix, the RME is just plain awesome”

“With the RME, the MIDI side of things has seen some significant enhancements. The company smartly chose to make the RME as MIDI-capable as possible. Thus, unlike the keyboard versions, all of the front-panel controls now send and receive MIDI data. This makes the RME a DAW-friendly device. For those who are hooked on editing all things MIDI down to the molecular level, you can tweak out the controller data for the RME in just the same way”

In lovely condition, almost unmarked. Original rack ears included. UK, Euro or US power cable supplied on request. Tested & working 100%

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In excellent, used condition. Almost unmarked