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JV-1080 64-Voice Multi-Timbral Sound Module

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Expansion boards for the JV-880 are here

The JV-880 was the predecessor of the legendary JV-1080, the synth used on more recordings than any other.  It is a rackmount version of the JV-80 keyboard and is compatible with the hugely-successful SR-JV80 Expansion Boards.  Vintage Synth Explorer said:

The JV-880 is the rack-mount version of the JV-80 keyboard and features powerful multi-timbral capabilities combined with impressive sound editing capability, all in a 1U rack space.  The immediate forerunner to the immensely popular JV-1080/2080, the 880 provides the same high quality sounds for which the entire JV line has come to be respected

The JV-880 is a 1U rackmount synth which follows the typical Roland style with a black, brushed aluminium front panel, rotary encoder for patch editing and headphone socket with volume control.  It has one expansion slot plus front panel card slots for a Data & PCM cards.  There are two stereo outputs (the Sub output is without effects) and onboard Chorus & Reverb.  The effects can be enabled on a per-voice basis and stored as part of a preset

The JV-880 is a simpler machine than the JV-1080 and has limited polyphony, a simpler filter and less flexibility, but is very suitable as a player for SR-JV80 Expansion boards.  It’s 1U rather than 2U in height so takes up less rack space than a JV-1080 or JV-2080

The main differences between the JV-880 (in this auction), JV-1080, JV-2080 and later models are summarised in this table

Feature JV-880 JV-1080 JV-2080 JV-1010 XV-3080 XV-5080
Polyphony 28 64 64 64 128 128
SR-JV expansion slots 1 4 8 1 4 4
SRX expansion slots 2 4
Other expansion slots Data + PCM Data + PCM Data Smart Media Smart Media
Outputs 4 (two stereo) 4 (two stereo) 6 (three stereo) 2 6 8 + SP/DIF
Effects Chorus, reverb Chorus, reverb, EFX – 1 x 40 EFX – 3 x 40 Chorus, reverb, EFX – 1 x 40 Studio quality Studio quality
Preset Performances 32 64 64 64 64 64
Preset Patches 320 512 640 895 1152 1152
Preset Rhythm Sets 2 18 23 23
User Performances 16 32 32 64 64 64
User Patches 64 128 128 128 128 128
User Rhythm Sets 1 2 2 4 4
Modulation Matrix Matrix
Sample playback yes
Display Small, two lines Medium 320 x 80 pixel Small, one line Large 320 x 80 pixel
Format 1U 2U 2U 1/2U 2U 2U
Production date 1992 1994-2001 1997-2001 1999 2000 2000
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 The JV-880 is beautifully built and finished, the product of an era when keyboards were expensive and high quality was the norm.  Spare parts are still available from Roland UK and are reasonably priced

I have one JV-80 in excellent condition, plus a number of JV-1080 and JV-2080 models plus a wide selection of SR-JV80 expansion boards. Photos show a JV-880 sold previously

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Dimensions 58 × 32 × 18 cm
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The JV-880 is 16-part multitimbral, 28 voice polyphonic and has 128 built-in and 64 User patches.  It has two card slots, for PCM and Data cards.  It has 8 Mb of built-in sound samples and can be expanded by adding a Roland SR-JV80 expansion board.  These boards are compatible with all JV models shown above

1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack.  240 Volt, captive mains cable with new 3A fused UK mains plug

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In excellent condition, almost unmarked. Includes external power supply. Tested & working 100%. Photos show a JV-880 sold previously