Adams Smith Zeta Three Original Manual


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Original folder & manual for the Zeta Three synchroniser. Has update for Zeta software V3.60 and Zeta Remote software R1/30

The Zeta Three isa full-featured two-machine synchroniser from the sync experts, Adams-Smith. The Zeta Three synchronises audio, video and midi and supports more than sixty audio & video tape transports. Use it to sync music to picture, midi to tape or sync a pair of multitrack tape machines

The Zeta Three supports all timecode types – 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97 drop frame and 30 fps, and provides transport controls for two machines. Machines are menu-selectable – just choose your multitrack from the menu, cable it using low-cost factory cables, patch the SMPTE and you’re ready to go

Manual for American-designed & built synchroniser


In very good used condition, in original binder. Photos show the manual for sale