Altec 1591A Compressor Amplifier


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“When i crank up the input gain I can make it distort in a musical and useful way. I’m glad to have it. A unique sound, and cool as heck looking”

I use it on a snare all the time. If you want a FAT snare drum, I haven’t found a better box to get you to maximum fatness. Adds like, 2 inches to the height of your snare…”

“I┬álike them for parallel compression on room mics and/or El. guitars…
And the mic pre’s are great!”

“Really excellent crunchy midrange thing going on that works well for snares and guitars”

“Those are beautiful pre’s for electric guitars. Nice distortion!”

“I have a couple 1591a and i love them, they are huge sounding, a little noisy but if you got some gates on the outputs no worries, i would not use them for SUPER quiet stuff or voice over, but for band work the compressors are HUGE and warm”

“Definitely a character piece. If not modded it doesen’t have 48v. Mine’s not but I mainly use it for dynamics and ribbons and even then you kinda need an inline pad in front because this thing distorts like crazy. But it actually sounds really good, kinda like a API on crack. Recently tried it on snare with a Beyer M160 and it sounded thick and meaty. Good for thrash room too, MD441 on the floor and Bob’s yr uncle.”

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