NTP Rack with two 179-500A Limiters


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Pair of the legendary NTP limiters in an original NTP rack. The 179-500 is a high-end limiter in the usual NTP Euro format.

The 179-500 comes as standard with with dual isolated outputs. They are transformer-coupled on the input & both outputs using NTP’s own ZFT transformer modules. The limiters use BCD switches for front panel settings and can be controlled remotely via the back-panel remote socket. This makes the rack suitable for remote mounting

The NTP 179-570 rack packages two limiters (or other standard modules) in a 1U package. Designed specifically for these limiters, the rack comes with a front-panel stereo link switch and back-panel pre-emphasis switches for each channel

The simplest way to configure the limiters is to set the maximum (limited) output level to suit peak level in your DAW then adjust the input levels to suit your setup

In my tests I found the NTPs to be stubbornly transparent, seemingly incapable of sounding bad. I think strapping them across the mix bus would be an enlightening experience

The 179-500s are not the last word in flexibility but they blow everything else out of the water in terms of sonic transparency

The limiters & rack have been serviced & tested and are ready to work