Yamaha TX816


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The legendary Yamaha “Eight DX7s in a Box”, the TX816 was one of the high-end products launched in 1985 along with the KX88 mother keyboard and QX1 sequencer. Famed for huge , glistening pads sounds created with all eight TX modules playing simultaneously, the TX816 is the super-heavyweight champion of keyboard modules

The TX816 contains eight TF1 modules, each one being a complete DX7 synth. The modules can be configured to have different midi channels so the TX816 can be used as eight separate polyphonic synths. Alternatively multiple modules – even all eight – can be linked to produce synths with multiple voices & polyphony. Each DX7 is effectively a 16-voice synth

“A joy to play and the sound is big, big, big”

“This is one of the great synth modules of all time. Yes, it’s massive…┬áThis is the ulitmate DX modular unit”

“Anyway; massive sounds with the 8 TF1 modules playing the same patch (detuned slightly on each module) or just a handy 8 part 16 note polyphonic module. Built like a tank and looks the business when powered up”

“Big, awesome sound. Versatile. Easier to work with than I had expected”

“This is the god father of FM synthesizers.. I can not live without at least one in my rack”


Rackmount, multi-module synth rack. Balanced outputs on XLR connectors

4U rack, deep & heavy

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In excellent condition. Power supply has been refurbished & recapped. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the TX816 for sale