Cloud CX335 Compressor Modification


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This modification for the CX335 gives variable gain in the low-frequency sidechain. Like using a high-pass filter in the sidechain of a compressor, this reduces the sensitivity of the sidechain to low frequencies and stops compression from being pumped by the bass end of the signal

The sidechain switch is normally mounted on the back panel but can be fitted on the front – contact me for details

The sidechain switch has five positions:

  • Setting 0: bypass (calibrated)
  • Setting 1: reduce bass sensitivity by 3 dB approximately
  • Setting 2: reduce bass sensitivity by 6 dB approximately
  • Setting 3: reduce bass sensitivity by 9 dB approximately
  • Setting 4: reduce bass sensitivity by 12 dB approximately


This modification is similar to using a high-pass filter in the sidechain of a compressor

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