Inovonics Model 201 Average & Peak Limiter


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The Inovonics Model 201 is an American-made single-channel limiter with peak & average response settings. Introduced in the late 70s, the 201 is a favourite with American engineers including Bruce Swedien & Michael Brauer

The Model 201 has separate controls for average (RMS) and peak limiting plus attack & release controls and an input gain control. This is similar to an 1176 in that it acts as a threshold control

In use the 201 is a punchy, dynamic compressor with a characteristic sound

“It was one of the first dual slope limiters made. It will compress then hit the limiter, sort of a bend and then a flat line if viewed on a graphic gain reduction chart. These were very popular in LA studios in the 1980’s.- Jim Williams

Jim Woods designed these for Innovonics in Santa Cruz, CA back in the late 1970’s. He told me the last run of 5 units was built in 1995. He still services them I think. They might still also have parts” – Jim Williams

“It can sound aggressive if set that way, sort of a dirty dynamite.”¬†– Jim Williams

“I use it anywhere i would use a Distressor”

“This thing is awesome on drums if you’re going for a certain type of sound”

Vintage unit in very good used condition. Supplied with XLR pigtails. 110 VAC with captive cable & US power plug. Tested & working 100%

Dual-slope limiter with peak & RMS response. Connections via terminal strip with XLR pigtails (supplied). 110 VAC with captive cable and US power plug
Standard 1U rackmount
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Vintage unit in very good used condition. Supplied with XLR pigtails. Tested & working 100%