Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor

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Vintage Vocoder / Harmonizer from Korg. The DVP-1 is highly sought-after for its sound and usability despite being quite an early digital vocoder

The DVP-1 has four main functions: Vocoder, Harmonizer, Pitch Changer and Internal waveforms. There’s an excellent video demo on the Synthmania Youtube site – it’s long & rather dry but it shows off the unit well

Vocoders & pitch shifters have come a long way since 1985 but the DVP-1 has a strong following due to the smoothness & usability of the vocoder sound

There’s an XLR balanced mic / line input on the front panel for voice input. The carrier uses internally-generated waves which are a selection of male & female voice sounds like oohs and aahs

The pitch shift mode is clunky by modern standards but still has that DVP-1 charm. A great part of the appeal of older FX units is that they don’t sound like modern units

“Rich digital analogue hybrid sound. Sizzling synthetic vocoder tones and robot timbres .Lush alluvian alloy sharpness to electronica warmness. Overall its a classic machine. It’s one of those bits of gear that can be a cornucopia of trickery, from cross synthesis and shifting to harmonising and vocoding it does a lot . . . it doesn’t have huge variation but has a tone and sound of its own

This is a quality bit of gear with a creative persona of its own. If you want something to tweak vocals then get one. Voice synthesis and sound manipulation. Midi wise this unit speaks it well , offers a lot of control including a lovely formant function… It also has a rather nice chorus and an esoteric function called freeze which can allow you to freeze the input or audio you are treating using midi data. Map it to freeze on midi note on and you have some very funky freeze framing potential . . All in all its a cool esotronic and utterly unique studio device which got lost in the past. This can do Robby the Robot easily but you’re missing the point I think”

“I can say that both units MAM VF-11 and the DVP-1 are awesome
and where one fails the other wins. I will keep both as I use them in total different ways”

“Great vocoder! The harmonizer effects are out of this world. If you can find one of these beasts, buy it on the spot. You won’t regret it”

“I feel that this is the most intelligible Vocoder that I have ever used. I got mine for about $350 US and I love it”

“If you are looking for an easy to use vocoder with it’s own internal waveform this is it”

“Otherworldly , futuristic , odd pitch shifting and harmonisation. Its true potential is in its midi control-ability”

“File under: Rare collectable Voice synthesiser”

Standard 2U rackmount device

Product page


Owners Manual


Vintage Synth page


Polynomial page


Encyclotronic page


Muzines page (Sound on Sound, January 1986, Nik Kershaw on the cover!



Retrosound page


Korg Forums tech page


Youtube demos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufs5gFuEwy0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2abjbU8qMM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYlVu8bUuO4

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