GML 8200 Stereo Equaliser


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George Massenburg is credited with inventing the parametric equaliser and the 8200 EQ remains his finest creation. It looks no different to any other parametric EQ but, from the first moment you use it, you realise it operates on a far higher level than anything you’ve used before.¬†As an EQ tool the GML 8200 is as sharp and as honed as it is possible to be

It’s an extraordinary moment when you realise that 1 dB of boost or cut can transform a sound. The GML is so precise and so scalpel-like that it transforms they way you look at EQ. For that reason it’s not everyone’s first choice. Some prefer equalisers with more character and less sharp a focus

The real value of the 8200 becomes obvious once you’ve owned one for a couple of years. It never loses that ability to astonish when fine-tuning a sound. It’s such a honed & perfected tool that, if you are serious about your music, it represents remarkable value

GML Demo -8200 Demonstrations- from GML, LLC on Vimeo.