Roland JV-2080 Rackmount Synth Module #8


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Refurbished with new battery. Pots & encoders cleaned & lubricated. Reset to factory settings. Tested & ready to go

In very good used condition. Photos show a JV-2080 sold previously

Expansion boards for the JV-2080 are here

The JV-2080 is the successor to the legendary JV-1080, the synth used on more recordings than any other. Vintage Synth Explorer:

 “The JV-2080 is everything you could expect from a modern sound module, but more!  A massive 64 voice multitimbral performance module that strives to offer the best all-around features for creating new and vintage sounds for any musical style.  Excellent acoustic sounds of all instruments both common and ethnic.  A massive amount of techno sounds complete with pulses, blips, sweeps, and the ever popular LFO, VCF and VCA type controls for patch editing and real-time editing

The JV-2080 represents a significant upgrade from the JV-1080, with more patches, more outputs and more expansion slots (eight rather than four). It has a larger display and easier patch editing. Sonically, it’s virtually identical to the JV-1080, but it has additional effect options

The main differences between the JV-880, JV-1080, JV-2080 (in this auction) and later models are summarised in this table

Feature JV-880 JV-1080 JV-2080 JV-1010 XV-3080 XV-5080
Polyphony 28 64 64 64 128 128
SR-JV expansion slots 1 4 8 1 4 4
SRX expansion slots 2 4
Other expansion slots Data + PCM Data + PCM Data Smart Media Smart Media
Outputs 4 (two stereo) 4 (two stereo) 6 (three stereo) 2 6 8 + SP/DIF
Effects Chorus, reverb Chorus, reverb, EFX – 1 x 40 EFX – 3 x 40 EFX Studio quality Studio quality
Preset Performances 32 64 64 64 64
Preset Patches 320 512 640 895 1152 1152
Preset Rhythm Sets 2 23 23
User Performances 16 32 32 64 64
User Patches 64 128 128 128 128 128
User Rhythm Sets 1 2 2 4 4
Modulation Matrix Matrix
Sample playback yes
Display Small, two lines Medium 320 x 80 pixel Very small Large 320 x 80 pixel
Format 1U 2U 2U 1/2U 2U 2U
Production date 1992 1994-2001 1997-2001 1999 2000 2000
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The JV-2080 continues the typical Roland 2U rack style with a black, brushed aluminium front panel, large LCD display, headphone socket with volume control, data entry dial and a number of dedicated buttons.  It has eight sockets for SR-JV80 expansion boards (JV-1080: four) plus a front panel card slot for a Data card.  The Data card can be used for playback of sounds & samples or as a means of saving setups.  Data dumps via Sysex are available too

The JV-2080 has three stereo outputs and upgraded onboard effects, EFX, Chorus & Reverb, each of which has a dedicated on/off button.  The effects can be enabled on a per-voice basis and stored as part of a preset

 If you use synth modules to play presets, a fully-expanded JV-2080 might give you every sound you ever need.  The SR-JV80 expansion boards cover a very broad range of instruments, styles & genres and some, like Bass & Drums, Vintage Keys and the Vocal Collection, are awe-inspiring in the quality of the sounds & programming

If you like to edit sounds, tweak filters and create sounds to fit your mood, the JV-2080 offers easier editing than the JV-1080 thanks to a bigger display, dedicated function keys and a revised front-panel layout.  Everything you know from the JV-1080 will transfer – the basics, the way expansion boards fit & operate and the tone / patch / performance structure remain as before

The JV-2080 is beautifully built and finished, the product of an era when keyboards were expensive and high quality was the norm

In very good used condition. Refurbished with new battery. Pots & encoders cleaned & lubricated. Reset to factory settings. Tested & ready to go. Photos show a JV-2080 sold previously

The JV-2080 is 16-part multitimbral, 64 voice polyphonic and has 640 built-in patches and 128 performances.  It includes 8 Mb of sound samples as standard and can be expanded by adding up to eight expansion boards, such as the Vintage Synth, Hip-Hop, 60s & 70s or Bass & Drums cards, plus a data card
Three stereo pairs of outputs are provided on jack sockets, and the front panel headphone socket has a volume control with the usual "push-to-preview" feature which plays the currently-selected sound when pressed

2U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. 220 Volt, standard IEC power socket. UK, Euro or US power cable supplied on request

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Refurbished with new battery. Pots & encoders cleaned & lubricated. Reset to factory settings. In very good, used condition, almost unmarked.

Tested & working 100%. Photos show a JV-2080 sold previously