Behringer ADA8000 Audio Interface (B Stock)


8-Channel audio interface with ADAT digital i/o

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The ADA8000 is a professional analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue interface in a 1U package. Its primary role is to provide audio inputs & outputs for recording with a digital audio workstation (DAW). It uses an ADAT-format, 8-channel digital interface to connect with the DAW

The ADA8000 is ideal as an eight channel expander for interfaces like the RME Fireface 800 or Focusrite Saffire which have ADAT connections. It offers a quick & easy way of adding eight additional audio channels

Inputs & outputs

8 Microphone inputs on XLR connectors with switchable phantom power
8 Line-level inputs on jack sockets
8 Analogue line-level outputs on XLR connectors
8 Digital inputs & outputs via 2 ADAT optical connections
1 Digital sync input / output via BNC sync connector

Sync source switch

• Word Clock slave
• ADAT input slave
• 44.1 KHz internal master clock
• 48 KHz internal master clock

I’ve used an ADA8000 with a Fireface 800 and it works seamlessly. It’s easy to hook up the ADA8000, synchronise it using the Fireface as master clock and have it working in minutes. External sync can be from Word Clock or ADAT data stream or the ADA8000 can sync to its internal clock

The provision of mic and line level inputs, with jacks and XLRs, makes it easy to patch in audio sources and audio quality is excellent

The ADA8000 is a great example of Behringer hitting the nail on the head. It’s simple, effective and well-priced and has become a common sight in studio racks

Each channel has a mic input on XLR, line input on a jack socket with a level trim. Microphone phantom powering is all-on or all-off, switched from the front panel. The power switch & sync indicator are the final front panel controls

Sampling is 16-bit and sample rate is 44.1 or 48 KHz, set by external sync or, for internal sync, switched by the rear-panel sync switch

The back panel has eight audio outputs on XLRs, Word Clock sync in/out on a BNC connector, sync source switch (see options above), ADAT-style optical digital input & output (using the same TOSlink connector as optical SPDIF) and a power socket

1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. 220 Volt AC input with standard IEC mains connector. UK or Euro mains cable supplied on request

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Tested. Works OK. Has loose optical digital interface sockets, non-standard cable access hole in the back panel and a minor dink in the LH rack ear. Photos do not show the item for sale - they show an ADA8000 sold previously

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