Roland P-330 Digital Piano Module (B Stock)


1U rackmount piano module

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Digital piano module related to the legendary MKS-20 Photos are generic sourced from the internet

B Stock – see condition tab for details

The P-330 uses the same Structured Adaptive Synthesis as the MKS-20 and has eight basic sounds and 64 patch memories. Like the MKS-20 it has built-in chorus, tremelo and eq and these settings can be saved with a patch

P-330 patches: 64 as eight banks of eight

  • 3 Pianos
  • 1 harpsichord (patches 51 58)
  • 1 clavichord (patches 51 58)
  • 1 vibraphone (patches 61 68
  • 2 Electric Pianos

“It plays so much better than any of the current crop of samples because it was not samples, but Roland resynthesizing samples and the way they responded to your playing was very inspiring. These are classic sounds that have their own personality, so don’t expect to hear accurate emulations of Rhodes, clavinet, etc. The vibes are pretty real, though.

The P-330, and it’s big brother, the MKS20, are for those who want a very expressive, playable electric piano sound. The acoustic piano and electric grand emulations sound very dated now, but they have that expressiveness also that makes them great for live playing”

Piano module using Structured Adaptive Synthesis to generate piano, harpsichord & vibes sounds. Originally based on samples, the sounds are digitally recreated and modified using key velocity, aftertouch and patch settings to modify them. The P-330 has a stereo audio output & midi connectors on the back panel, plus a short captive power cable with an IEC socket. UK or Euro power cable supplied on request

Fairly deep 1U module. Outputs are on jacks. 220 Volt AC power input, short power cable with IEC female socket. UK or Euro IEC power cable supplied on request

Owners manual Info page

Logic X editor

Sonic State page Synthtopia page Video demo  


No audio ouput - suspected failed power supply. PSU smoothing caps removed. Cosmetically OK

B Stock items are sold as-seen with no returns. They have been tested, and a brief description of the faults or damage is given, but they may have other faults and may not test the same in future

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