Shure M68R Mixer (B Stock)


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I can supply a kit of parts to recap these mixers. Email for details

Vintage Shure mixer. The mixer has four inputs, each switchable lo / hi level, plus the usual Shure aux inputs & output to daisy-chain these mixers. There’s a jack to run the unit from 28 VDC. Standard power input is 110 VAC

These Shure mixers are all-transistor, Class A devices with transformers on the inputs & outputs. High-end they’re not, but they have character. The manual has schematics, a parts list and a board overlay so they’re straightforward to work on

These Shure mixers can be driven into fairly benign distortion and they’re deal for experimentation & modification

Photos show an M68RM – the M68 for sale is similar but has no reverb tank

These are a great source of transformers – there are four input transformers and an output transformer – and Class A transistor circuitry that can be modified

Stand-alone mixer. Transformer-coupled, class A transistor circuitry. 110 VAC supply with fixed power cable & US plug. Schematics available online


User manual

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Used condition. 110 Volt. Power cable cut short. Untested

Sold as seen, no returns on B Stock items