Ashly CL50E Compressor


Coming soon…

“That is my lead guitar compressor of choice…I was getting laughed at
the other day…I had to do a guitar solo and recutt a bass…so I
brought a rack with an EAR 660 and an Ashley SC-50…the EAR was for the bass…(cost wise they are at different ends of the spectrum).” – Fletcher

“So I had the chance to us one of these compressors on drums and I love them! Also, super smooth on vocals. I had some other high end comps to use and this one won out on several occasions”

“The only compressor I’ve had for a few years now. Surprisingly good, and quiet”

“I have used them for a very long time and they are just great. For some reason they do not seem to get the love and attention that other brands receive”

Photos to follow