dbx 263X De-Esser


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Vintage De-Esser from dbx. The 263X is a 1/2U single-channel de-esser in the same style of package as the wonderful 163X compressor

The 263X has an additional high-impedance (Hi-Z) microphone input on the front panel ideal. This can be used as a DI (direct injection) input for synths, guitars & etc, or for a microphone. The Hi-Z input has a level trim on the back panel

The 263X is simple to operate: switch between broadband or high frequency detection of sibilants and dial up the degree of de-essing required with the gain reduction knob. An additional frequency control adjusts the sensitivity for specific sibilant frequencies from 800 Hz to 8 KHz. Attack and release times are dependent on the slider position and on program material

Inputs & outputs are on jack sockets. The high-impedance (Hi-Z) input is on a front-panel jack with a gain trim on the back panel. Mains input is switchable 120/240 Volts and the unit has a captive 2-core mains lead with a new UK power plug

Standard 19" 1/2U device suitable for mounting two side-by-side in a 19" rack. Switchable 120 / 240 Volt with captive power cable

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These units are in remarkably good condition for vintage kit - they have marks and scuffs but vintage pieces like this should have patina! Tested & working 100%. Photos show the unit for sale