dbx 902 De-Esser for dbx 900-Series rack


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dbx 902 de-esser card for 900-Series racks. This is a single-channel de-esser based on dbx VCA technology

The 902 is one of the few hardware de-essers available, and one of the best. Using industry-standard dbx VCAs, the 902 offers effective hardware de-essing that is simple to use & extremely effective. Each module has four controls: range – setting the depth of the de-essing, frequency – which sets the centre frequency of the detector, mode – which switches between HF-only and full-band, and an in / out switch. As with the 903 compressor, an led ladder displays gain reduction

There are very few hardware de-essers about, and even fewer that have a reputation for being great at their job. Whilst it’s possible to setup a compressor & sidechain to do de-essing, the 902 and the SPL de-esser are consistently mentioned as being the best of the bunch for simple, easy-to-use hardware de-essing

This is a single-channel 902 module suitable for dbx 900-Series racks such as the FS900 or 900A. It is not compatible with 500-Series racks

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https://en.audiofanzine.com/other-dynamic-processor/dbx/902/user_reviews/r.4742.html dbx advert http://www.inphase.at/documents/docs/dbx_900series.pdf

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