McMartin LR-1004C Compressor


In prep: the compressor has been recapped and sounds great. The attack & release controls are being brought to the front panel and a new power transformer fitted to adapt it to UK 220 Volt supply

The McMartin LR-1004C is an vintage diode compressor from the early 70s. Very much a colour compressor, the McMartin is ideal for drum room compression & hammering things flat

It has a fixed-threshold limiter which is great for adding attitude to drums. By pushing the input level it’s possible to get awesome amounts of limiting. The compressor is switchable and adds a different – but equally over-the-top – flavour. The McMartin is shaping up to be one of my favourite vintage compressor discoveries


Rackmount diode compressor / limiter from the broadcast industry. US 110 Volts with captive power cable. Will be converted to 220 VAC for use in UK / Europe. Connections on barrier strips

Standard 1U device


In excellent used condition. The compressor has been refurbished, modified & recapped in our workshops and is tested & working 100%. Photos show the item for sale