BSS DPR-402 Stereo Compressor


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Sought-after stereo compressor from Brooke Siren Systems of North London. These DPR-402s are hard to find in decent condition and it’s rare to find one in complete working order without broken pots or switches

The DPR-402 has a de-esser, compressor and limiter for each channel.  The back panel has fast/ slow limiter release switches and a stereo link switch plus a terminal block which allows access to more complex functions such as frequency-dependent compression and HF limiting. See section 14 of the owners manual (link under the Links tab) for details

Operation of the DPR-402 is straightforward . The panel layout is logical and switch placement good with the exception of the bpypass switches which are directly above the power switch. use with caution!

You can get up & running with the DPR-402 in minutes but it’ll take some time to get to grips with what it is capable of. It’s a real Swiss Army Knife of a compressor. It can be subtle & smooth, or pumpy, or brutal – choose ratios & release times with care and explore the controls

BSS packed a lot into the DPR-402 and it repays experimentation. There are very few dynamic effects it can’t achieve. My advice is not to bury it in a rack but keep it front & centre till you’re familiar with it. That way you’ll get the best out of it

In good, used condition with marks & signs of use. Knobs & switches are original and work as intended. Tested & working 100%

Early DPR-402s are wired pin 3 hot so use care when connecting to other equipment. The output section of the unit does not appreciate being short-circuited so again, please take care when connecting
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Owners manual  
In good, used condition with a very tidy front panel and a weathered - but tidy - case. Knobs & switches are all original (excepting one black knob cap) and in good working order. DPR-402s suffer badly from chipped paint on the front panels but, with the exception of some rack rash, this one is very good Tested & working 100%. Photos show the compressor for sale