dbx 902 De-Esser, pair in dbx FS900 rack #2


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In this sale are one FS900 rack with two 902 de-esser modules. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the item for sale

The 902 is a vintage dbx de-esser module designed for the dbx 900-Series rack. The 900-Series predates the popular 500-Series format by a few years but is similar is concept. As well as a big 19” rack for multiple modules, dbx produced the FS900 to hold two modules in a 1U format

The 902 is one of the few hardware de-essers available, and one of the best. Using industry-standard dbx VCAs, the 902 offers effective hardware de-essing that is simple to use & extremely effective. Each module has four controls: range – setting the depth of the de-essing, frequency – which sets the centre frequency of the detector, mode – which switches between HF-only and full-band, and an in / out switch. As with the 903 compressor, an led ladder displays gain reduction

There are very few hardware de-essers about, and even fewer that have a reputation for being great at their job. Whilst it’s possible to setup a compressor & sidechain to do de-essing, the 902 and the SPL de-esser are consistently mentioned as being the best of the bunch for simple, easy-to-use hardware de-essing

“They beat all of my plugs”

“Agreed, no plugin ever gets near the 902”

“I kept trying plug in de-essers that were by all rights quality ones (Waves, UAD), but kept getting frustrated that they weren’t giving me what I wanted.

I finally picked up a hardware 902, and on first try was like, (twists knobs) “oh, that’s it”.”

“I plug in a DBX and problem solved in 2 seconds”

The 902 has balanced input & output via XLR connectors on the back panel of the FS900 rack. Power input is switchable 110 / 220 Volts AC. Power input is via a captive cable with an IEC female power plug. UK, EU or USA IEC power cable supplied on request

Deep 1U rackmount device

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Audio fanzine rreview

https://en.audiofanzine.com/other-dynamic-processor/dbx/902/user_reviews/r.4742.html dbx advert http://www.inphase.at/documents/docs/dbx_900series.pdf  


In good used used condition with some rack rash & paint chips to the edges of the front panel. The case has been repainted. Tested and working 100%. Photos show the rack & de-essers for sale

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