dbx F900A 900-Series Rack


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For more info on 900 Series see the blog post here. To enquire about the items please email shop@bn1studio.co.uk

As well as the dbx F900A 9-slot rack, I have a number of 900-Series components in stock. These are shown in the rack, from left to right:

  1. dbx 903 Compressor (gold can dbx VCA)
  2. dbx 903 Compressor (gold can dbx VCA)
  3. dbx 903 Compressor (later dbx VCA)
  4. dbx 903 Compressor (later dbx VCA)
  5. Aphex Dominator II compressor (new old stock)
  6. Aphex Dominator II compressor (new old stock)
  7. dbx 933 Mixer / Distribution amp
  8. dbx 933 Mixer / Distribution amp (spare)

I can sell this as a complete system of six compressors or as individual parts. I can also make up looms to connect to your setup. Email workshop@bn1studio.co.uk for details

dbx F900A (rack)

The F900A is a nine-slot rack with a built-in power supply. It has four input & output connectors per slot, configuration being dependent on the modules installed. Connections are on terminal strip and the power supply is switchable 110 /220 volts

dbx 903 (units 1 – 4)

The 903 is an over-easy compressor sonically similar to the dbx 160X. It has the same controls as a 160X less the Over-Easy switch. There were multiple versions of the 903 but they break down into early units with the gold can VCA and later units with the single inline 2181 vca

Aphex Dominator (units 5 & 6)

The Dominator is another super-clean Aphex processor that excels in increasing program density. On the fastest release setting it’s a weapon. I have two in stock, both NOS (new old stock) units, boxed with manuals & link cables

Aphex Compellor (units 5 & 6)

Not included

dbx 933 Mixer Line Driver (unit 9, 10 not shown)

Info to follow. I have two in stock

Nine-slot rack for 900-Series modules. Internal 110 / 220 Volt switchable power supply which supplies ± 15 and ± 24 volts to the modules. Inputs & outputs are on terminal strips with four connections per module
3U rack. Deep & heavy modules when loaded

F900A manual


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