EMT Franz 266X Stereo Transient Limiter


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One of the true legends of high-end audio, the EMT 266X transient limiter is famous for sounding great even when limiting heavily

Housed in a deep, heavy 3U case the 266X follows usual EMT practice with multiple cards for audio & control functions. Each input & output has an interface card with a level control making it possible to to align the compressor to the outside world

This 266X has the optional pre-emphasis cards which were used for FM broadcast

“The EMT 266 sounds fairly clean unless you push it, then it gets round perhaps warm and if you push it even more it gets pumping. This can sound quite nice on drums as it takes care of the peaks and doesn’t get so harsh.”

“awesome stereo compressor!”

“I┬áhave the 266X and love it……finest German engineering …..”

“And yes: They were very expensive……”