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This is a unique dynamic processor from Sound Performance Lab (SPL). The Transient Designer gives control over the dynamics of a signal, allowing a change in the attack & sustain characteristics of the sound. It’s not a compressor or limiter, but a device that takes the transient-shaping effects of a compressor as the basis of a new kind of dynamics processor

Writing in Sound on Sound, Paul White said:
“The Transient Designer really is a unique product which, while not a tool for processing sound in the traditional sense, is nonetheless very capable of shaping sounds in musical and intuitive ways…”

“The Transient Designer directly (and dramatically) affects the envelope of transient sounds being processed, regardless of their level. The process allows you to inject a bland drum recording with a lot more edge and attack or, conversely, to soften the attack of overly percussive sounds and vary the apparent amount of damping”

The Transient Designer represents a new approach to dynamics processors. Traditionally, dynamic control followed a level-dependent attack / release paradigm and all compressors & limiters were variations on that theme. By contrast, the Transient Designer offers control over the signal envelope independent of level. This means that the apparent dynamics and ambience of a signal can be modified in a way not previously possible

The shaping of dynamics is fundamental to modern mix techniques and the Transient Designer offers a new way to control & enhance dynamic envelopes. It is a rare device – a new & unique piece of outboard gear

Balanced inputs & outputs are on jack sockets. Back panel has a ground lift switch. Power input is via a standard IEC connector and voltage is switchable between 220 and 110 Volt. UK or Euro Schuko IEC power cable supplied on request

Standard 1U device suitable for 19" racks. Mains input is on a standard IEC mains connector. Mains cable supplied on request

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Excellent, used condition. Tested & working 100%. Photos show a Transient Designer sold previously

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