SSL XLogic 5.1 Multichannel Bus Compressor


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The family tree of SSL bus compressors goes something like this:

  • 1979 – SSL 4000E console quad bus compressor
  • 1989 – SSL FX G384 Rackmount Stereo compressor
  • 2001 – SSL XLogic Rackmount G Series Stereo compressor
  • 2009 – SSL XLogic Multichannel compressor

Both Xlogic compressors are based on K-Series SuperAnalogue console electronics but one is 2-channel and the Multichannel compressor has 6 channels

The Multichannel version is a full-featured 5.1 compressor with six individual inputs & outputs. Separate Trim controls for L, C, R & S channels provide different thresholds for each input

In addition to 5.1 mode the multichannel compressor can be switched to Dual Stereo to give separate stereo & four-channel compressors, each with their own controls. So it is effectively two compressors in one box

“The XLogic Multichannel Compressor is elegant with logical yet complex routing, excellent components and, most of all, the classic SSL bus compressor’s sonic signature”

“This compressor is renowned for gluing a mix together in a way unlike any other bus compressor, sounding larger than life and delivering the distinctive and highly sought after SSL sound”


  • Universally acclaimed XL 9000 K series centre section design elements
  • Multipurpose 5.1 Surround or dual stereo operation
  • ‘Side chain sum’ switching between ‘dominant’ signal and ‘true’ sum
  • Trim controls allow different thresholds for each input
  • Circular ‘MAX’ display for monitoring dynamics side chain contribution
  • Separate 5-channel and LFE channel compression controls allowing separate treatment of LFE signals that typically require different attack and release characteristics
  • Circular ‘Max’ display shows which channel is contributing the most to the side chain giving a clear, instantaneous indication of which channel is driving the compressor
  • Separate Trim controls for L, C, R & S channels provide different thresholds for each input
  • Dual Stereo enables either different compression to be applied to the surround channels, or for the unit to be used as separate four channel and stereo compressors

SSL Xlogic Multichannel Bus Compressor based on the SuperAnalogue circuitry from the SSL G-Series console. Six channel arranged as 5.1 with steering circuitry to allow natural multichannel, surround sound compression

Deep & heavy (5 Kg) 2U rack device

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Very good used condition. Some rack rash & case scratches but the front panel is almost unmarked. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the compressor for sale