UREI 1178 Stereo FET Compressor #4


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This is the stereo version of what is, in my opinion, the best compressor ever made, the 1176. A lightning-fast FET compressor with ultimate pedigree and sonic excellence

Built in the familiar UREI style, the 1178 is a two-channel or stereo compressor but, as the channels share attack & release times as well as ratio, consider it a stereo unit. It has the usual 1176 input & output pots, threshold being a function of how much input you feed into it. Attack & Release go from super-fast to slow – very slow, in the case of release

You’ll find a setting that works just right for your drum sound by leaving it on fast release and varying the attack timing to give just the right amount of attack. Many users leave the 1176 & 1178 in 4:1 at all times, but there are different sounds to be had with other ratios – all-buttons-in gives classic over-the-top smashing compression but often it’s better to use 8:1 and more input gain

The 1178 is equally at home crushing drum mics as it is gently shaping backing vocals or stems. Like the 1176, it’s capable of lots of gain reduction without killing the vibe of a sound so it’s suitable for all kinds of singers. At 4:1, with attack at mid-position and fast release and plenty of input, it will sit a bass guitar in a track like no other compressor

In many ways an 1176 or 1178 is all the compressor you’ll ever need. They’re both super-fast, but can be super slow. Can do massive over-the top compression or massive, subtle compression. Tickle a sound or mangle it

In excellent condition with minimal rack rash. This is one of the tidiest 1178s I’ve seen in a long time. Supplied with nicely-made XLR pigtails which are anchored to the rear of the compressor

Tested & working 100%. Photos show the compressor for sale

“I just got an 1178 and used it tonight, sounds so great. Very deep, sounds like a record. We used it on a mix buss, drum buss and lead vocals. Just great” – James Lugo, Gearslutz

FET-based compressor with huge dynamic range & super-fast attack time (measured in microseconds!). Electronically-balanced input & transformer-balanced output. Connections are via terminal strips. Supplied with attached XLR pigtails The 1178 is switchable between 110 & 220 volts via switch on the back panel. Power input is via a standard IEC socket. UK, Euro or US power cable supplied on request
Standard 2U device



In excellent used condition - one of the nicest 1178s I've seen. Supplied with attached XLR pigtails

Tested & working 100%. Photos show the compressor for sale