Valley People Leveller #1 (Refurbished & Recapped)


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Rare Leveller from Nashville-based Valley People. One of the early incarnations of the Valley companies, Valley People gear was designed by compressor genius Paul Buff and built around the TA-101 VCA chip he designed

The Leveller uses relatively slow time constants to use the VCA to level signals rather than compress them. Done subtly, it can control levels with almost no audible side-effects, but by changing the threshold you can sense the signal getting denser. It will even pump a little using the Fast response

After recapping the Leveller sounds great. It’s a neat problem-solver and a useful tool for your compressor rack

Recapped & refurbished in our workshops, set to work on 220 Volts for the UK & EU, tested & working 100%. Photos show the Leveller for sale

Photos show the Leveller for sale