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Alesis dominated the mid-price reverb market in the 1990s with a series of well-designed, low-cost units aimed at musicians and project studios. The Midiverb 4 is a straightforward effects / reverb processor which is easy to use. According to Sound on Sound:

“The operating system is a real joy to use and all the effects have a great sense of warmth and spaceā€¦ A competent, friendly all-rounder that is best suited to producing a limited number of simultaneous effects to a high standard”

The Midiverb 4 is great, simple effects processor with the usual Alesis build quality & ease-of-use. It may not have the programming depth and ultimate tweakability of a Lexicon but it’s a simpler, quicker device which is capable of delivering great effects

The Midiverb 4 has unbalanced inputs & outputs on jack sockets, a footswitch jack socket and Midi in & out / thru on the back panel. Power supply is the usual Alesis external 9 VAC adaptor (supplied) and this example has been retrofitted with a new power connector. Maximum delay is 1.3 seconds

Standard operating level is -20dBV or +4 dBu, adjustable on the front panel. Sampling frequency is 48 KHz but there are no digital inputs or outputs

Presets are either single (mono or stereo in, mono or stereo out), double (two effects simultaneously), dual mono (two seperate effects fed from the two inputs) or multi-chain (two effects chained in series).

1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack

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Sound on Sound Review


In excellent condition, almost unmarked. 9 VAC external power supply included. Tested & working 100%