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Chandler designer Wade Goeke was the man responsible for recreating modules from the legendary EMI TG console. Used by the Beatles at Abbey Road, EMI consoles have passed into folklore

The first semiconductors available in the post-valve period were Germanium transistors which tended to have a characteristic sonic character. As the industry moved to newer silicon transistors, Germanium circuitry was abandoned and forgotten by all but a few diehard enthusiasts

Chandler reused Germanium designs from their earlier preamp and compressor to create the Tone Control. It’s a mix of passive and active equaliser with a number of unusual design approaches. It has variable feedback and switchable eq modes. In some modes there’s plenty of interaction between the controls so it takes time fully to understand the Tone Control

Tape Op: “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say his Germanium Tone Control is the most innovative new EQ design I’ve seen. It has germanium transistors instead of silicon (which all other solid-state EQs use). It’s neither active nor passive-actually, it’s both. The passive tone controls have two modes, Independent and Interactive. The Qs vary with frequency selection, and the gain controls can be used to significantly alter the texture and tone in addition to making EQ changes”

Sound on Sound: “The sonic flexibility of this equaliser section is impressive, but it takes quite some experience of using it to develop any confidence in rapidly choosing optimal settings. For most, I think trial and error will be the order of the day, because the control interactions are not particularly intuitive”

“The Chandler Germanium Tone Control is brilliant on guitars (and everything else)”

“they’re amazing tools for getting things to sound huge [while still controlled] and airy without getting harsh… bass is a real specialty for the unit”

“Tone Control is BASS GOD !”

There’s limited scope, when designing an equaliser, to think outside the box and create something unique. However it seems Chandler has managed to create an eq with a huge palette of sounds & textures. It’s unique in my experience

Like all Chandler units, the Germanium Tone Control is supplied without a power supply. It requires a PSU-1 power supply which is bought separately. The PSU-1 will power two units. If you already have one Chandler Germanium unit you can power this EQ from your existing power supply

This listing is for the Chandler Germanium Tone Control and power cable only

Active / Passive equaliser from Chandler. Using their Germanium technology for a creamy overdriven tone
1U device, deep & heavy Like all Chandler units, the Germanium Tone Control requires a separate power supply, the PSU-1, which will power two units. The PSU-1 is in a separate listing
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Mint. Virtually unmarked. No rack rash. Very minor case scratches