Meyer Sound CP-10 Stereo Parametric Equaliser


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Meyer Sound equipment has a big reputation in the USA where the company is currently celebrating 50 years in business. John Meyer started the company in 1967 and carved out a niche in the super-competitive live sound industry through sonically excellent products and impeccable engineering. Originally retailing for more than £3000, the CP-10 represents great value on the secondhand market

The CP-10 is two-channel, five band parametric equaliser with separate high and low-pass filters. George Massenburg is credited as being the father of the parametric equaliser – an equaliser where the boost, frequency and bandwidth of each band can be varied – and the CP-10 shares many of the attributes of the GML 8200

In use, tiny changes in EQ are easily heard with the CP-10. You find yourself making small changes and examining how sonic elements move forward & backward and change focus in the mix, rather than the usual blunt effect of lesser equalisers. If you’ve used a GML 8200, or maybe a Klein & Hummel UE400, you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t, the CP-10 will be a revelation

The CP-10 has a modular construction with plug-in EQ & filter boards for each band. These connect to a motherboard with a separate input / output board and power supply. All components are premium quality and there appear to be no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. EQ cards can be removed & replaced from the front panel with the EQ in service

The EQ cards, motherboard, power supply & etc are attached to a separate internal chassis and the case sides, top & bottom are hung off this. The side panels incorporate the rack ears and can be moved fore-and-aft to allow the controls to be recessed for installation or set flush for easy access

This is the only piece of outboard gear I’ve seen that uses thread-locking compound to prevent screws coming loose in transit or in use. This is very revealing of the design & execution of Meyer products

A few quotes from Gearslutz:

“It’s a surgical kit that sold new for over $3000. Built with first rate parts, Clarostat conductive plasic pots and gold molex connectors

It’s a 5 band design, parallel designed filters. Max boost/cut is 15 db at any frequency. There are 2 shelving hi and low cut bands. Those can be changed to + – 15 db shelving EQ by shorting out the trim pot inside.

I set these up for room tuning but they also make a fine general use parametric EQ” – Jim Williams

“I think they’re pretty cool. Very utilitarian. Great filters. Not much of a real sound though. If we’re thinking a long the lines of clean / transparent EQ”

“That’s a surprisingly nice sounding eq. We used to have one but sold it when we got a large desk. It’s basically a poor man’s GML.”

“I have the discontinued CP10 parametric EQ and it is fantastic…clean, flexible EQ that does its job very well without introducing artifacts or distortions”

Inputs and outputs are electronically-balanced on XLR connectors. The back panel has an earth-lift switch and there’s a balanced / unbalanced switch to compensate for level changes. Power input is switchable 110 / 220 Volt AC via a standard IEC socket. UK or Euro Schuko power cable supplied on request

The equaliser has dedicated controls for each channel plus clipping LEDs for input & output. Each of the five bands has frequency, bandwidth and boost / cut controls and a individual in / out switch, making it easy to check the contribution of each band. There’s no per-channel bypass switch

Standard 2U device suitable for 19" racks. IEC power input switchable 220 / 110 Volt. UK or Euro Schuko power cable supplied on request

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In excellent condition with minimal marks or rack rash. The bypass switches have been cleaned & lubricated. Set to 220 Volt AC but switchable to 110 VAC. Tested & working 100%. Photos show a CP-10 sold previously

Vintage gear All vintage gear will have case scratches and marks. It may also have, or develop, noisy pots and switches. I make my descriptions as accurate as possible and note any existing defects. I test each item before shipping but please understand that vintage gear will not be perfect and adjust your expectations accordingly