UREI Model 537 27-Band Graphic Equaliser #1


In prep now…

UREI 27-Band graphic equaliser. These are heavy, inductor-based equalisers with a narrow, 1/3rd-octave bandwidth.

1/3rd-octave equalisers were typically used for room EQ back in the 70s and 80s, to equalise the room to a target “room curve”. As that practice fell out of favour, lots of 27-band EQs ended up in studio storerooms, unused

On music signals, individual bands sound like notch filters – which is exactly what they are – but they can be teased into more gentle curves, or abused to radically change the signal

Another tool for the toolbox…

These UREI EQs may have tatty cases but the front panels are in very good shape. All the eq knobs are unbroken (I have spares) and switches & etc are all original Like all UREI graphics, these suffer from VERY STIFF slide pots. This is a characteristic of the pots used & their age. They work OK but are awkward to use. Please do not buy without considering this Photos show the EQ for sale