SPL 9629 De-Esser


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The list of dedicated hardware de-essers is a short one, making a Top Five list hard to assess. The SPL 9629, though, definitely features in any such list

SPL has a great reputation for sound quality and their electronic design & build quality are second-to-none. Their grasp of the subtleties of dynamic processors is proven – the Transient Designer and Dynamaxx are cutting-edge – so it’s no surprise the SPL De-Esser works as well as it does

With settings for male & female voices the 9629 gives smooth, effective reduction of sibilants with minimal side-effects. It sounds great and is a world away from early de-essers which mangled the sound

The 9629 uses a phase-cancellation circuit to detect & eradicate sibilants. Detector settings of 6 kHz for male and 7 kHz for female voices target the peak frequencies for each type of voice and the S-Reduction control allows the depth of de-essing to be controlled

“If I need a De-Esser I’ll insert my SPL outboard. Works great on both male and female sources. A little bit goes a long way”

“If ease of use is your primary concern, the SPL Auto Dynamic De-Esser is hard to beat. I would especially recommend this unit for live-sound applications, as it truly does have “Auto” as its copilot”

“If you want analogue I always liked the SPL de-essers”

This 9629 is in fine, used condition with minimal rack rash. It’s tested & working 100%. Photos show a unit sold previously

VCA-based de-esser with settings for male & female voices. Connections are balanced via XLR connectors. Universal 100-250 V power supply - UK, Euro or US power cable supplied on request
Standard 1U device
Product page https://spl.audio/classics/de-esser/?lang=en Owners Manual https://spl.audio/wp-content/uploads/DeEsser_9629_OM_E.pdf
In excellent, used condition with minimal rack rash