MXR M-125 Thirty-One Band Graphic Equaliser (Refurbished & Recapped) #2


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MXR has long been overlooked in favour of better-known brands like UREI, Klark-Teknik and TC Electronics, but the Rochester, New York-based manufacturer turned out a wide range of high-quality studio outboard and effects pedals

MXR made the MXR Pitch Transposer – an early Eventide Harmonizer competitor – a delay line, chorus, stereo flanger, the rare stereo compressor and a range of graphic equalisers

The graphics were probably the most often-seen items of MXR rack gear, partly because they are very eye-catching with white caps on the EQ controls

MXR rackmount gear all came in the same 2U case with cast rack ears, pressed steel top & bottom panels and a front panel sandwiched between the two. Front panels were either bright blue or black

The 31-band equaliser is a 1/3-rd octave eq. These were traditionally used as room eqs but are equally useful as general equalisers, particularly as the narrow filter bandwidth can target narrow frequency bands

Used with care, a graphic EQ can be a surgical tool or a very subtle tone shaper – particularly when used to pull out frequencies to leave space in a mix

It definitely sounds crunchier and more focussed than plugin EQs and can be as subtle or as lairy as you like, depending how far you push it

MXR EQ Filter Centre Frequencies
1   25 Hz
2 40 Hz
3 63 Hz
4 100 Hz
5 160 Hz
6 250 Hz
7 400 Hz
8 630 Hz
9 1 KHz
10 1.6 KHz
11 2.5 KHz
12 4.0 KHz
13 6.3 KHz
14 10 KHz
15 16 KHz

In very good, used condition. Refurbished, recapped, case repainted, new slider caps, tested & working 100%. Photos show the first EQ for sale

Inputs & outputs are on jack sockets and the unit works at a nominal 0 dBm level.  Inputs are high-impedance and are also suitable for use with guitar & keyboard patched directly in.  EQ boost & cut is ± 12 dB.  The front panel has output level controls for each channel, a single in / out bypass switch and a power switch

Mains voltage is switchable between 110 and 220 Volts via a rear-panel switch and power input is via a captive cable with UK power plug

2U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack

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Jim Dunlop - MXR, the Rackmount Era

In very good, used condition. Refurbished, recapped, case repainted,  tested & working 100%. Photos show the first EQ for sale