Roland TR-8S Drum Machine


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Full-featured drum machine / sample player from Roland. The TR-8S is a major update to the TR-8 and adds the ability to play back samples loaded by the user. It comes loaded with vintage sounds from the TR-808, 909, 707, 606 and 727, all generated by Roland’s ACB circuit modelling technology, and these are modifiable using the onboard transient shaping, compression, bit reduction & overdrive effects. If these don’t float your boat, just load up your favourite samples and play those…

“The TR‑8S takes the Aira drum machine concept to a new level with sampled sounds, but perhaps more significantly with expanded performance, snapshot storage and recall abilities”

“For us studio denizens the USB and MIDI integrations are top notch. It’s a great box that’s bound to become a classic in its own right.“- Sound on Sound

“The TR-8S adds a lot more. The drum machines it now emulates by way of Roland’s rather good Analogue Circuit Behaviour (ACB) modelling include not only the 808 and 909, but also the 606, 707 and 727. You can load in different samples from a large Roland library of 300 sounds or your own should you wish, via an SD card, in WAV and AIFF formats. These can replace up to 11 sounds per kit, spread across 11 channels each with controls including volume fader, tuning and decay” – Music Tech

“Roland’s best new product in years” – Resident Advisor

“The learning curve for all this is about as gentle as it gets. Experienced producers might not care so much about this point, but it’s a vital trait of the instrument. Even if you regularly deal with more taxing kit, the sheer ease-of-use and flexibility works wonders for workflow and work rate in the studio” – Resident Advisor

“The TR-8S comes with 84 beautifully designed kits, covering nearly every genre and with spot-on re-creations of the classics found in the TR-8. It’s also stocked with 342 samples, including drums, percussion, hits, and synths. Most of these make appearances in the preset kits, which can be copied and customized. But the real fun begins when you start from scratch with this collection”

Lots of inputs & outputs:

  • 6 trigger outputs on jacks
  • stereo mix out on jacks
  • 2 channel external input on jacks
  • stereo headphone out on jack
  • midi in
  • midi out
  • power in
  • USB
  • trigger out
  • SD card slot

External power supply included

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In as-new condition, boxed with accessories. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the TR-8S for sale