Korg MS2000R Synth Module #4


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Classic Korg rackmount synth module. The MS2000R is the rack version of the MS2000 keyboard – a 4-voice polyphonic synth with two oscillators, each capable of eight waveforms. The self-resonant filter section has 12 db / octave high. low and bandpass filtering plus 24 db / octave low-pass. Effects include an arpeggiator, a vocoder, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, distortion and equalisation. Two units can be connected for 8-note polyphony

“The 16 function buttons on the front of the unit can be switched into “Keyboard” mode in which they function as keys, mainly for demoing sounds while you’re programming it. This is a really great feature since most rackmount synths either don’t allow you to hear your progress from the actual unit or they only feature a one-note demo button to hear your sounds. The MS2000 is truly a well thought out instrument for musicians of any level looking for classic and new sounds within a quality digital synth with a sleek vintage look that’ll turn a few heads!”

“I think a major part of the appeal is the layout. It’s incredibly user friendly, 95% of it is a 1:1 ratio regarding knobs and controls. Very little menu diving. To me, the MS2000 is the definition of a ‘modern classic’. I’m sure I’ll end up with another one. Only sold mine off to fund other gear. It’s just plain fun to use and sounds great. Plus, it’s simply a beautiful piece of gear”

“The layout is superb. If you like knob-per-function, then it doesn’t get much better than this. As a result, everything is very immediate and you’ll find yourself tweaking everything while using it as a real-time performance instrument”

“It’s a ton of fun. Despite being VA, the spirit of the MS series is absolutely alive in that thing”

“If you want “gritty” or “low res,” it’s very easy to do. Low bit resolution, cross modulation. It’s super easy to get whatever you want out of the thing”

In very good, used condition. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the MS2000R for sale

Rackmount unit with external UK-spec power supply. Stereo audio outputs & stereo audio inputs (switchable mic / line level) on jack sockets on back panel (top panel when rack-mounted). There are also assignable footswitch & pedal sockets. Midi in / out / thru on DIN sockets, power supply input on standard 2-pin jack
Rackmount or desktop unit

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In very good, used condition, with new UK 9V DC power supply. In very good, used condition. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the MS2000R for sale