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One of the last projects Bob Moog worked on before his untimely death was the Little Phatty keyboard, now here in module form as the Slim Phatty

The Slim Phatty continues the line of monophonic two-oscillator synths started with the Minimoog and represents the entry-level model in the Moog range. It’s thoroughly modern, with recallable presets, configurable routing & USB Midi, but keeps the traditional CV & Gate inputs to connect to a modular or Eurorack system

The Slim Phatty is in a tough, steel box 3U tall (rack mount ears are available) with illuminated buttons and pots with radial LEDs to show recalled control settings. If you’re used to a traditional analogue synth you’ll find the Slim Phatty easy to pick up and you’ll be diving into the options in no time. The LCD screen gives access to the 100 presets and there are deeper levels of editing available

Sound-wise, the Slim Phatty has all the depth, warmth & growl you want from an analogue synth. It’s great for lead lines and – of course – perfect for thunderous synth bass lines

If you’re wondering what a stack of Slim Phatties sounds like in a Poly Chain, check out Peter Brown’s demo on Youtube – he’s created some killer pads using 6 and 4 SPs in Polyphonic mode

“The most important thing about the Phatty is its underlying sound. As a distant descendant of the Minimoog, it still sounds like a Moog monosynth should sound”

“If you’re looking for a synth module with an analogue signal path that produces simple but classic monophonic sounds, the Phatty delivers the goods”

“This one is a class act with years of development behind it and, if you’re shopping for this kind of synthesizer, you owe it to yourself to road-test the Slim Phatty. They deserve to sell by the bucket-load”

“If you want the classic sounds like stuff you have heard on Tangerine Dreams, 80s music even more modern stuff people produce you cannot go wrong with the Slim Phatty. And you can stack them up using them live voice engines to build a polyphonic Moog”

“It’s essentially a Moog Little Phatty without the keyboard, although the design and circuitry has been bred from the Minimoog Model D”

In excellent used condition with minimal marks & scratches. Tested & working 100%. Rack ears supplied. Photos show the Moog for sale

Two-oscillator synth with digital control and traditional Moog filter. USB & Din Midi on back panel. CV & Gate inputs to interface with modular setups. Audio input to treat external sound sources. Internal power supply. UK or Euro Schuko power cable supplied on request

3U rackmount or free-standing with angled front panel. Rack ears supplied

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In excellent used condition with minimal marks & scratches. Tested & working 100%. Rack ears supplied. Photos show the Moog for sale