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Moog Sub Phatty #2



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Photos show a Sub Phatty sold previously and will be replaced with images of the synth for sale

The Sub Phatty is a two-oscillator synth with a semi-weighted 25-note keyboard with pitchbend & mod wheels. It’s a modern synth, which means sixteen memories, USB Midi and a freely-downloadable patch librarian / editor. It has an IEC power socket and a built-in power supply, so no wall wart. It has CV & Gate inputs plus CV inputs for filter cutoff and output level – essential for interfacing with older synths, modular & Eurorack systems

“A new Moog monosynth is exciting enough in itself, but the Sub Phatty has hidden depths that its vintage predecessors could only dream of…”

“Generally, if what you need is a beast synthesizer with astonishing sounds, then you definitely have to put the Moog Sub Phatty synth in the conversation”

“The Sub Phatty combines an old-school aesthetic and sound with modern design. Users with CV setups, traditional MIDI rigs and/or computer-based systems will all find ways to include the Sub Phatty in their workflow. It’s a beautiful instrument, as we’ve come to expect from Moog, and it will probably last most users a lifetime if treated right. While still not as bold as the three-oscillator Minimoog, it’s certainly a beast in its own right and definitely delivers a big sound. It offers deep possibilities to please the veteran synthesist, but beginners can definitely start here, too”

“One of the presets has a fantastic filter envelope which takes it from an almost punchy lead to a deep bass in a second. The grime you get with it is palpable and it’s all from the multidrive”

In excellent condition, tested & working 100%. Photos show a Sub Phatty sold previously and will be replaced with images of the synth for sale

Two-oscillator synth with digital control and traditional Moog filter. USB & Din Midi on side panel. CV & Gate inputs to interface with modular setups. Audio input to treat external sound sources. Internal power supply. UK or Euro Schuko power cable supplied on request

Desktop unit

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In excellent used condition, almost unmarked. Tested & working 100%. Photos show a Sub Phatty sold previously and will be replaced with images of the synth for sale