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In very good used condition with minor case marks. Photos show the Nord 2 rackmount for sale

With the release of the original Nord Lead, Nord coined the phrase “Virtual Analogue” for their new digital-based subtractive synthesizer. Nord 2 is the revised version of the original Lead and this is the desktop / rackmount version

The Nord 2 has 16-note polyphony, four individual outputs and a standard PCMCIA slot for patch & performance storage. Additional features over the original version include a ring modulator, oscillator 1 syncing to the white noise generator, sine wave waveform for osc 1, more arpeggiator & LFO waveforms and variable distortion settings

The synth can be used as a desktop unit or rack mounted with optional rack ears

“NL2 is killer fat and easy to use synth”

“It’s considered one of the best sounding Nords and they were the original VA’s. The original Nord is all over the Nine Inch Nails The Fragile album and countless others and is certainly considered a modern day classic”

“I have a good selection of analogue synths & wouldn’t sell my NL2 because I haven’t found anything like it. It can be impolite, yet smooth (almost like an old analogue)”

Virtual Analog synthesiser in desktop / rackmount format. Front panel controls for all functions so no menu-diving to get results and all controls send & receive midi control change messages. Syncs to midi clock. Sysex dumps of one or all programs

Stereo, mono or multi-timbral modes. Four audio outputs plus headphone jack

  • Programs (single sounds): 396 (4x99) user, 594 (6x99) factory
  • Performances (multi sounds): 100 user, 300 (3x100) factory
  • Percussion kits (multi zone sounds): 40 (4x10) user.

Desktop module also rackable as a 3U device. Rack ears not included. 220V AC with a captive power cable & UK plug

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3U when racked

In very good used condition with some case scratches & rack rash. Captive power cable with UK power plug. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the Nord for sale