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The Novation Circuit Mono is a Circuit with a built-in, full-featured monophonic synthesiser. The original Circuit is one of the most useful & complete devices I’ve played with and the Mono Station version adds a powerful synth ideal for basslines

In excellent condition with all cables, original box & etc. Free software updates available online. Photos show a Circuit Mono sold previously

The Mono synth section is derived from the Bass Station II but gains dual oscillator pitching, a modulation sequencer and on-board automation. The case of the Circuit is now taller and the synth occupies the top half

The rest of this description is from the original Circuit

The Circuit is a neat, portable groovebox from Novation. This thing is simplicity itself to use and has a surprisingly elegant & well-developed operating system. It’s designed to feel like there is no OS – there’s no screen, no menus, just a bunch of dedicated buttons. There are deeper levels available but, when you use them, it doesn’t feel like the complexity gets too much. On top of that, Novation continues to roll out regular updates that bring new features based on user feedback

For throwing together basic grooves the Circuit is excellent. Patterns are easily copied, edited & strung together to end up with more complex compositions. The Circuit can be used completely stand-alone, and patterns stored locally, but it can also be hooked to a computer via USB for upload & download of patterns & samples. Novation has a neat PC interface that just works

The sounds in a drumbox or groovebox definitely tend to guide the direction of a song as you’re writing so it’s useful to be able to upload samples. The basic setup has 2 “Nova” synths (developed from other Novation synthesizers) with 6-note polyphony and a 4-part drum machine. There are 64 synth patches & 64 drum patches and, using the latest OS version, it’s possible to load different patches mid-pattern

The eight controllers do different jobs in drum & synth modes but standard assignments include filter cutoff, volume, pan & etc. It’s easy to develop a balance for the stereo mix output

All-in-all this is a great next step up from a drum machine as it allows a polyphonic synth and a bass line to be programmed as well as drums. It’s a great piece of kit

I have a particularly low annoyance threshold for badly-designed kit & complex interfaces and found the Circuit a delight to use

“Unique, powerful and rather lovable little beast” – Sound on Sound re Circuit Mono

“Novation have spliced the performance and sequencing elements of the original Circuit with the Bass Station II monosynth sound engine. But this isn’t a crude cut-and-shut: each side of the equation has been carefully re-worked to suit the new form factor and workflow” – Sound on Sound re Circuit Mono

“Dual oscillator pitching, a modulation sequencer and on-board automation give the Bass Station engine a new lease of life. It was already a great sounding synth, with a lovely filter overdrive that can be warm and smooth or squawk and self-oscillate with the best of them” – Sound on Sound re Circuit Mono

“Let me start by saying this: The Novation Circuit is fun. I didn’t even read the manual, and I was making music from scratch within minutes”

“The Circuit is a groovebox in the classic tradition: a glorious mash up of Novation’s hardware synth and pad controller expertise. It’s all about immediacy, experimentation and fun, and in many ways feels like the true successor to the original Korg Electribes”

“The most notable thing about my time with the Circuit is how much I used it. It’s so easy to noodle on the Circuit around the house in those slivers of time between work, kids and passing out. Novation have made a lifestyle synth! Its portability and easy MIDI sync also makes it an unusually social electronic instrument — jamming with other Circuits is a single-cable hook–up”

“OUR VERDICT – Circuit is fun, fluid and intuitive with a strong range of built-in sounds. Highly recommended” Music Radar

In excellent used condition, almost unmarked. Tested & working 100%. Supplied in original packing with external power supply & cables. Photos show a Circuit Mono Station sold previously

Standalone groovebox / sequencer with internal memories & pattern store plus full-featured mono synth. Patterns & sound samples can be uploaded & saved via the USB Midi connection

Free-standing unit, 250 x 250 mm approx

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In excellent used condition, almost unmarked. Tested & working 100%. In original packing with external power supply & cables. Free software updates available online. Photos show a Circuit Mono Station sold previously

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